Hello CHKN Army!

We have all been working hard towards bringing you an update full of new and exciting stuff, but also fixes and improvements to the existing multiplayer. John and Greg have been rewriting existing code tirelessly, 7 days a week. Roman has been punching holes in terrain to make caves, and coding new forms of conflict to add some excitement to adventure mode. After QA testing this weekend, we have decided to delay the multiplayer improvements and the general performance improvements part of the update. Here is why.

After testing multiplayer together we discovered critical bugs that require the help of Unity to fix in their Unet networking code. We would rather delay these features then release them to you in an unplayable and buggy state. Being Early Access, we know that there will be bugs, but there is a line to draw between too many bugs, and an acceptable amount of bugs. Adding multiplayer fixes to this build would make it too buggy.

Instead of setting a date to fix multiplayer by (especially because we are working hand in hand with Unity to make network fixes), we are going to work constantly on it, and update you along the way. As much as we’d love to set a hard date for you, we want to be able to take our time and make this right.

We will still be releasing some new things! Here is what will be included in the May 25th Update:

  • 7 new creatures, including dragons that breathe fire.

  • conflict: creatures can attack your homestead at night.

  • new points of interest: discover where the dragon dwells.

  • creature stats: see how hungry or tame your creatures are.

  • new items: transmute plants and craft exploding fruit.

We hope you guys understand! You guys are so awesome, diligent, and outspoken. You keep us on our toes by giving us feedback and suggestions that we need as we continue to update. That’s why we want to be 100% honest with you guys. If you have any questions about this update, or anything at all, please let us know!


Team CHKN.