Last week we asked you all to guess what our newest creatures is going to be, giving you these three clues!

  1. It lives in bogs. EW. 
  2. Don’t fall in! It’s speedy maw opens and closes in only a few milliseconds, trapping mostly bugs but sometimes the occasional frog. 
  3. Although it looks like they have teeth, they actually have trigger hairs, which snap shut when stimulated!

Today we reveal what that creature is! (Drum roll please……….)


What’s cool and different about this creature is that it actually isn’t a creature, it’s a plant! The root block keeps the plant stationary and will act as a guard to your homestead, eating any creatures that might wander into your territory. The Venus Fly Trap will be available on May 25th!

Our elephant is done! Above is Kevin’s fancy, shmancy rendering and below is the elephant in game, being led around by Kate.

All the new creatures for May 25th are done, so Ashley has started working on two new ones for June; a bee and a cow! (Yes, those udders should be that big. You’ll thank us when you start using those as hats for your creatures.)