The Poacher update is here! After intense QA’ing the past couple days, we are happy to introduce you to your latest nemesis. We also have a few notes at the bottom about the update that you should definitely read.

Poachers will appear only in Adventure Mode. Look out for them on your first night! We recommend building and taming a creature, then using the whistle to attack poachers when they appear. Download the update to see the poachers in action! We have also made many structure improvements and bug fixes.

CHKN v0.1.1 Patch Notes


  • Poachers added.
  • Poacher tents added.
  • Poacher pipe item added.
  • Poacher mindcontrol hat added.
  • Poacher dart gun added.
  • Bandage item added (creative mode only until recipe is added).


  • Structure system completely overhauled.
  • Network library replaced (untested and still alpha, stability coming soon.)
  • World streaming system overhauled (chunk loading improved, more optimization to come.)
  • Save game format changed due to structure rewrite. Old games not compatible. 
  • Error checking added to load/save.
  • All breakable object values adjusted (use a tool or creatures to break trees, rocks, and high level eggs).
  • Player item swing speed increased.
  • Tilling now uses new hoe item (other items no longer till ground).
  • Creatures hunt together, analyze threats in groups.
  • Creatures sprint and target properly.
  • Scared creatures now defend themselves.
  • Creature following no longer tramples the player.
  • Whistle changed to no longer require the summon command to be used before commanding a creature.
  • Darts can not be thrown.
  • Sling shot rocks can now be thrown.
  • Double jump to toggle hover mode in creative.
  • Movement changed to be more responsive. 
  • Movement slows down on damage.
  • Floating in orb made more precise.
  • Sound effects added to blow pipe.
  • Underwater sound added.
  • Lava sounds added.
  • Sling shot damaged adjusted.
  • Player name option removed, Steam name used instead.


  • Sacks and chests now networked. 
  • Fixes to the leash when attached to multiple creatures.
  • Name tag display turned off when not in view.
  • Item removed from hand immediately if gone.
  • Fix to saddle riding.
  • Fix to equipped item on game load.
  • Creature pathfinding now avoid ruins and rocks.
  • Fix to creature hunger status bar. 
  • Fix to pick up radius.
  • Durability fixed for dropped items. 
  • Fix to creature collision AI.
  • Fix to ruin collider.  


We have been mentioning that Greg was rewriting structures. First, let’s all give Greg a huge round of applause because he has been working tirelessly while also being a dad and doing dad things. 

Greg has made many improvements to structures that make building feel and look much better. All attachables (chests, workbenches, beds, etc) do not snap around the floor grid, they move fluidly so you can place them wherever you want. Improved casting means you can place a wall on top of another while standing on the ground (beforehand you had to be above it). Windows are see through both ways now, yay! And fences act as walls (easier to build) and no longer explode into the sky! WOOHOO! Go Greg! 


The save format has changed, so you will lose your progress that you have saved previously. We know this sucks and we apologize for this, but since this is Early Access and we are adding and fixing a lot with each update, you should be starting new games anyway to get the full effect of the updates. In the future though, you will not lose your saves anymore.

We also rewrote the entire networking library, so there is a new multiplayer version in, but we do not advise playing it. Play at your own risk, it is not tested. 

We are already planning a patch tonight or tomorrow, so some bugs you experience right away might be fixed. We are on it!

We hope you all enjoy playing this update! Let us know what you think and if you have any questions. Happy Creating! And Happy Poacher hunting, MWAHAHHAAAAAAAA.