Hey CHKN Army!

We are happy to announce that the v0.1.13 patch is now live! We were originally going to just release a Mech Dino, but we fixed a lot of bugs that players were reporting, and took the weekend to make those fixes and improvements.

Some of those bug fixes were fruit not being able to be picked, creatures getting frozen when they were hungry, and necks helicoptering while tracking a target! Thank you all for your patience and your bug reports, they really help us out. Here are the full patch notes for this release:


  • Dino-Mech added! (In Adventure Mode, these spawn with poachers over time.)
  • Added stairs to structure blocks.


  • reduce to poacher and creature conflict spawn rate.
  • increase poacher camp spawn distance.
  • added one-legged chickens to structure conflict night attacks.
  • adjusted structure conflict timings.
  • scenarios are now saved and resumed on load (poacher hunts, structure conflicts).
  • tamed creatures now happily co-exist together.
  • wild creatures take longer to starve.
  • new particles added for impacts.
  • palm trees now have coconuts.
  • sap removed from apple trees and move to maple trees.
  • maple seeds added to creative (still needs to be added to adventure)
  • apples spawned on apple trees reduced.
  • creatures deal more damage to trees.
  • creature chasing can now be aggressive and passive due to situation.
  • inside cave volume reduced.
  • rebalanced structure block hit points.
  • structure blocks are easily removable by the player.
  • right clicking strikes with a structure block.
  • increased chance for life blocks to spawn from eggs.
  • fruit spawn times adjusted.


  • fixes to infinite loop bug caused by unloading a chunk while a creature is being built from an egg.
  • fixed infinite loop bug caused when bad data attempted to be saved.
  • game now cleans up properly if loading a game fails.
  • added check to abort a game when connecting lifeblocks.
  • fix to creature taking damage while being built.
  • eye oriented correctly on voxelized creatures.
  • fixes to fruit that could not be picked.
  • fixed to fruit spawning.
  • fixes to structure foundation positions on doors and gates.
  • fixes to stucco glass pane.
  • fixed issues where lantern could no attach to floor.
  • fixed rapid fire creature mouth bites on structure blocks.
  • necks no longer helicopter when tracking a target.
  • fixed creatures freezing when starving.
  • fix to attributes not updates for creatures.
  • fixes to fire.

Now that we have implemented a new save format, each time we update you shouldn’t lose your game anymore. For this one though, you don’t have to start a new game but you won’t be able to see all the changes until you do, such as sap in maple trees and coconuts in palm trees. So we do recommend starting a new game.

Thanks again CHKN Army! We hope you enjoy making dinosaurs and running up and down stairs! If you have any questions, comments, suggestion or bug reports for this patch, please let us know in the forum.


Team CHKN.