Hey CHKN Army!

Get ready for your next update coming August 3rd! This exciting release will feature new abilities for existing creatures and for a new creature; the cow!

Here are all the abilities being added!

  • OCTOPUS INK: Don’t get shot! You will be temporarily blinded.
  • ELEPHANT WATER: Elephants can now shoot water which can push you back AND put out fires!
  • SNAKE VENOM: Snake and spider bites now poison you! Snake venom can hurt you and spider bites paralyze you, which slow you down. Luckily, we added this newest creature to the lineup…
  • COW (+ COW MILK): Cow udders can now give milk, which can cure you from poison!
  • CHARGING: Any animals with horns can now charge other creatures and even you! So watch out for this quick and powerful attack.

We are so excited to bring abilities to you guys and we can’t wait to see how you use them! By adding abilities we created a new level of strategy for you guys to think about. So start planning because next Wednesday, August 3rd, you’ll have a chance to play it yourself!

In addition to adding abilities, we will also be adding improvements, new items and a cool new feature; an off hand slot! That way you can hold a torch in one hand to see at night and a blow pipe or another item in your other hand! This was highly requested, especially so players can pet their creatures while also holding a torch.

Have a great weekend guys!