Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for all your feedback on the Adventure Update! We’ve got a new patch for you today full of optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes.

If you were having trouble with framerate (lag), loading times, or crashing specifically, this patch should help quite a bit.

NOTE: Folks on 32-bit operating systems who were getting “invalid platform” errors will now skip the error but will likely crash during loading. We’re still working on this! We hope to bring back 32-bit support soon. Until then, the previous version is available to play (v0.1.15)! Right-click on CHKN in your library, select “Properties”, go to the “Betas” tab, and select “previous” in the dropdown menu to download that version.

Here are the full patch notes…


  • Added terrain streaming to lower memory usage and increase frames per second
  • The Render Distance setting is now automatically selected based off of system memory. (You can set it higher manually if it’s not to your liking once you load the game. Just be sure you’re over minimum specs, otherwise you risk crashing!)
  • Launcher settings (Graphics Quality and Resolution) will now take priority over in-game settings
  • Improved “Stay” command to make a creature stays put in an area until commanded to do something else
  • Improved AI so creature will not move away as the player approaches to feed or pet it
  • Added a “Cancel” command to the whistle, which will stop creatures from performing the current action
  • Creatures that become untamed will no longer become aggressive immediately
  • Buckets now display interaction text based off of crosshair’s target
  • Creature legs now animate backwards when walking backwards (no more moonwalking)
  • Death messages added
  • Default creature names added
  • Optimizations to item network syncing
  • Water and terrain culling added to increase performance
  • The tutorial starter creature can no longer be untamed or damaged while in the tutorial temple
  • Hoe tool degrades less quickly


  • Time spent on black screen during initial load significantly reduced
  • Fix to creature necks not animating correctly
  • Fix to creatures climbing trees
  • Fix to creatures walking through fences
  • Fix to invisible water trigger in temple
  • Fix to allow riding even if a creature is commanded to use a treadmill
  • Fix to bugs with multiple creatures using a treadmill that causes it to glitch out
  • Allow beams to be seen on all LOD levels
  • Fix to missing onboarding with the campfire
  • Fixed negative colliders on mirrored lifeblocks
  • Orb limit in creative mode is now unlimited as intended
  • Disallowed save game names with invalid characters
  • Fixes to save game corrupting bug with structures
  • Fixes to structures not displaying the right visuals on load
  • Fixes to structures not orientating correctly on load
  • Fixes to the stucco roof collider fracturing neighboring blocks
  • Fixes to not being able to pick up items with auto-pickup setting off
  • Changes to release unused memory when a chunk unloads
  • Fixes creature movement to slow down when approaching their target and slide less
  • Fix to workshops returning too many logs when canceling queue
  • Mill and treadmill animation/sounds now stop correctly when unloading
  • Sap no longer gives maple seeds
  • Cactus no longer edible
  • Temporarily removed the ability to open games to multiplayer since it’s incomplete (Coming back in the next version when it’s finished and working!)

We’ve got even more polish planned for the next build, and then it’s on to more new features and multiplayer. Until then, we hope you’re enjoying the Adventure Update! We’d love to hear your feedback.


– Team CHKN