Creature sharing is here! We’ve just released v0.2.3 with Steam Workshop, input mapping, initial quality settings, and more. Here are the patch notes:


  • Added Steam Workshop support for saving and loading creatures.
    • Show off your best creature creations by sharing them in the Workshop
    • Browse the Workshop to see what your fellow creators have made and get ideas for your own creations
    • Bring shared creations into your own games – edit them, add them to your zoo, or see whose creature is stronger in battle!
    • Save your favorite creatures to the Workshop in case you need to reincarnate them later *cough*
    • Menu is accessible through the ‘Creative’ tab (sack icon) in the toolbox in Creative Mode, or by pressing the U key in any mode
    • Creatures can be saved via the interaction menu (E key) on the creature

  • Added control mapping support in-game for better control over key bindings. Menu is in ‘Controls’ tab of the options menu.
  • Removed launcher. Quality settings and resolution will be prompted on first game launch, and can also be set in options menu.
  • Added Ansel support


  • Fixed bug with water quality dropping in some cases
  • Fixed colliders around desert ruins

Please let us know what you think of the new features. We can’t wait to see all your creatures in the Workshop!

Multiplayer and More on the Way!

In the meantime, we’re still working on multiplayer and testing in the Pre-Release build if you’d like to join us (more information in our last post). Big thanks to everyone who’s been helping us test already!

We’ve also got some more Adventure Mode polish on the way and Events in the works. Busy busy.

Join Us on Twitch!

We’ll be showing off the Workshop and sharing some community creations on our next Twitch live stream. Come say hello!

See you there!

– Team CHKN