Multiplayer is now available! Join a game and help us test it out! It’s still a bit clunky so the bugs you report will help us make it the best it can be. If you see anything at all that you think is strange, please post it on the forums so we can take a look. It really helps a lot!

Like… maybe you fell through the world and now your friends are slowly sinking into the abyss of nothingness with you. *cough* Sorry about that and thanks for the quick reports! We’ll have a fix up for that bug ASAP. This has been fixed! See the updated patch notes below.

We’ve also got some other improvements and bug fixes in this update to share so here are the notes!

Patch Notes


  • Multiplayer is here!
    • Grab your friends for crazy shenanigans in Creative Mode: collaborate on creatures and see what happens, pit them against each other, or start a creature zoo of epic proportion

    • Brave the wilds of Foot Island together in Adventure Mode: strategize with your friends, team up against temple Mini-Bosses, and never go up against a pack of wild camelamas alone again
      • TIP: You can grab items from another player’s bag when they die!

    • Have up to 8 friends together in one game
    • To host a game, hit [ESC] while in your game and click “Open game to multiplayer”
      • TIP: To see who’s connected to your game once it’s open, hit [P]
    • To join a game, click “Join Game” on the main menu and check out the available games in the list
    • Find friends to play with on the multiplayer forum
    • Help us by reporting any bugs you find on the forums


  • Added additional anti-aliasing
  • Fixed layout of key binding UI
  • Reduced nutrition of grass to be in line with other foods
  • Moved “Workshop” button to be on main toolbar of inventory in Creative Mode for easier access
  • Improve eating routine distance check


  • Fixes to bad vertex in poacher’s fingers
  • Scan pathfinding graph on start/load of game
  • Fixed bug that would prevent getting past the main loading screen
  • Fix to structure and tree blocks that would get misaligned after taking damage

Update: February 22nd – CHKN v0.3.0a

  • Fixed issue where host player was incorrectly set which caused all sorts of errors
  • Fixed issue with entity clean up which caused odd behavior
  • Added height check safeguard to prevent entities from falling through world forever
  • Fixed issue where Steam Networking didn’t respect max players

We also want to thank everyone who tested while multiplayer was in Pre-release. It helped a ton. Please keep sending us your bug reports! We really appreciate it.

Steam Workshop

We’re amazed by all the cool stuff people have been uploading so far. If you haven’t checked them out yet, press [U] in game to browse and bring them into your world. Or vote for them in the Workshop. Don’t forget to upload your own creations, too. We’d love to see them.

What’s Next?

Well, while we work on any bugs you send our way, we’ll also be tackling the first challenge for Events, a few Workshop updates, and some Adventure Mode polish. Lots to do!

See you in multiplayer!

– Team CHKN