Community Creatures

We’re super impressed by the creatures you guys have been saving to the Workshop! Here are three of our favorites. Download them to your game to try them out.

PlantCat by RobotSpider

Torrent by DJlivewire

Tarantuplant by octability

We definitely want to keep spotlighting your awesome creatures. If you have any Workshop favorites (your own or made by others), let us know! You can post them in the Workshop forums or even Tweet them to us.


Roman’s got a new Workshop Worlds example for you to play around with. A platformer! Try to make it to the end without falling to your dooooooom.

SXSW Gaming

HUGE thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at SXSW Gaming last weekend! John and Greg had a lot of fun meeting fans in person and introducing new people to CHKN. They also got a ton of great feedback that will really help improve the game as development continues. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun and we’re really glad we got to participate. We hope we can do it again some time!

What’s Next?

We’re currently planning our next round of updates based on everyone’s feedback. We’ll be back soon with more info.

Have a great weekend

– TeamCHKN