Hi, everyone! We’ve got another update for you today with a hatchery for breeding, scenario spawning, creature-building improvements with voxels, Workshop and multiplayer updates, and a load of improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks so much for all your feedback and bug reports! It really helps us improve CHKN and get these updates out to you more quickly. Please keep them coming!~

Here are the full notes for this patch:


  • Creature breeding! Craft a hatchery to allow your tamed creatures to lay eggs.  Feed them to speed up the process. Once an egg is laid, break it for lifeblocks or let it hatch into a fully formed creature!
    • Tip: Keep your other carnivores away from hatching eggs! Eggs are delicious, after all.
  • New Love Potion item in Creative Mode. Instantly tames a creature! Find it in the food tab (burger icon) of the toolbox.
  • Creative scenario spawning: Adventure Mode scenarios can now be triggered in Creative Mode by throwing a scenario egg. Find the eggs in the toolbox’s special items tab (the bag icon).
  • Creature voxels: when building creatures and stacking like blocks, they will now form a solid object. Create walking houses with ease!

A sentient giraffe house of nightmares… that’s kind of cute, actually.


  • The water bucket can now water plants to make them grow faster. Best results if watered periodically!
  • Added distance filtering to the “Join Game” menu. This will allow players to join a game outside of nearby regions. (Keep in mind, latency will increase when doing so.)
  • Inviting friends to networked games now launches CHKN and connects automatically
  • Added version checking to network games
  • Added a “retrieving networked games” indicator to the “Join Game” menu
  • Added a new background to Workshop screenshots
  • Added a “Save Creature” screen to Workshop to allow more editing options before saving

  • Added an indicator to the UI to display attack power needed to break a currently-unbreakable object
  • Changed the player eating sound
  • Rewrote creature ground detection to fix issues where creatures would fall through structure floors
  • Decreased creature sliding to fix creatures walking through walls
  • Nerfed cow leg speed to be in line with similarly-powered creatures


  • Fixed issues with bad creature names
  • Fixed particles that failed to show after a while
  • Fixed creature bite detection for creatures with long legs
  • Fixed a bug that caused sacks to be spawned from chests, mills, and cooking sources when leaving a chunk
  • Fixed a server-side bug that would cause items, eggs, and Poachers become invisible over time
  • Empty network lobbies are no longer displayed in the join list
  • Fixed bad state settings when Ansel is active
  • Fixed infinite item bug while crafting with an item in-cursor
  • Fixed pathfinding on Metal Gate
  • Fixed bug that caused creatures to get stuck when attacking eggs they could not break
  • Feeding a creature will no longer cancel powering a mill
  • Fixed network bug where clients changed the host’s highlighted slot in the hotbar
  • Fix to error with armors that caused players and Poachers to be invisible at times (and other errors)
  • Fixed issues with inventory that caused sacks to sometimes disappear
  • Fixed issue with Poacher loot that caused it to not generate correctly
  • Fixed creature pursue calculations. Creatures will no longer get stuck trying to bite something.
  • Improved distance check for breaking the wall in the Adventure Mode starting temple

Build a tanking turtle caravan with room for friends. ROAD TRIP!

New Streaming Schedule

We have a streaming schedule now! Fancy, right? We’ll be live every Friday at 2pm EST over on our Twitch channel. This Friday, Roman will be back in his zoo checking out some of the amazing creatures you guys have saved to the Workshop (almost 1,300 now!) as well as showing off some of the new features from this patch and answering any questions you have. Come hang out!

See you then!

– Team CHKN