Happy Friday! We’ve got some requested multiplayer improvements (like private games) and new Workshop features in this patch. For the modders out there, we’ve also added an early, bare bones version of Lua scripting that we’ve been working on for testing. If you’re brave and try it out, please let us know about any feedback you have or bugs you find!

Here are the patch notes with more info and demos, as well as the included improvements and bug fixes.

Patch Notes


  • Workshop Worlds
    • Share your whole saved game to the workshop, including any structures and creatures you’ve created
    • Take it even further and create your own worlds and levels to share and play with others, like obstacle courses, mazes, or maybe relaxing vacation resorts! Whatever you like.
    • To save a world to the Workshop, use [ESC] in the game when you’re ready, then select “Export to Workshop”
    • To load a world from the Workshop, use the “Workshop Worlds” button in the main menu

  • Lua Scripting
    • Use the new scriptable block and button to create your own scenarios and events inside the game
    • Script the objects with Lua to trigger actions or effects when used, or automatically when a game loads
    • Save your own mini-games or scenarios to Workshop Worlds for others to play
    • Find the scriptable objects in the toolbox’s Special Items tab (the bag icon)
    • Use “/developer 1” to turn on developer mode (and “/developer 0” to turn it off again)
    • Place the item and interact with it (the [E] key) to start scripting

  • Added editable signs. Place them in your worlds to guide other players or leave messages.
  • Worlds and Scripting Demos
    • We’ve added our own early demos of these features so you can see them in action. Grab them in Workshop Worlds!
      • Arena Scenario: Build a creature within the time limit and use it to defeat increasingly more powerful challengers in arena battles. Upgrade your creature between rounds using the life blocks of your fallen foes and see how far you can get!
      • Bomb Run: Push the button, then RUN!
      • Fire Trap: Learn how to use scriptable buttons to trigger other items, like a deadly fire trap for your enemies *cackle*

      • Light Switch Demo: Control the power of the sun! (a.k.a. Learn how to control lights and time through scripting.)
      • Temple Disco: It’s a beautiful night for fireworks. Or a disco. Or both! Push the button and watch the show.

      • Water & Sand: Exactly like it says on the tin… an empty world with water and sand, open for whatever you want to make!
    • Keep an eye on the Workshop for more demos and mini-games coming soon!


  • Added ability to set multiplayer lobby type (public, friends only, invite only)
  • Added ability to invite players from player list
  • Added button to view player detail in player list
  • Removed Nuke item from clients in multiplayer (meaning only the host can use Nukes!)


  • Fixed creature’s ability to break things based on the damage values displayed in editor and on tooltips
  • Fixed horse mouth collider (that prevented attaching blocks near it)
  • Fixed venus and llama eyes to be the correct sides
  • Some structure items that were in the Player Items tab have been moved to the Structure Items tab
  • Fixed a bug with editing creatures that spawned from eggs
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Find Us at SXSW!

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– Team CHKN