Creatures above created by mary_wooten and Super Engineer.

Happy Thursday! Today’s patch has multiplayer, creature building, and performance improvements; a Workshop update; and some bug fixes. We’ll get right to the notes so you can see what’s new…


  • Multiplayer Party System!
    • Form parties with friends in multiplayer to create CO-OP or PVP teams
    • Creatures will be shared with other party members. No more accidental creature fights!
    • Friends in your party will not take damage from your fists/weapons. No more friendly fire! Go team! (Careful, though. You can still damage yourself and party creatures.)
    • Press [P] in a multiplayer game to manage your party and invite others


  • Creature building now supports attaching to legs and other animated life blocks

Make your abominations even more abominable!

  • Improved creature head detection

Before and after!

  • The moon now provides a bit more light during the night

  • Workshop now features a “Community Nominated” section showcasing our favorite creations

  • Reeds can now be planted and harvested
  • All vegetation items can now be fed to creatures by hand
  • Life blocks can now be fed to creatures by hand

  • Tuned area outside of starting temple in Adventure Mode to remove herds (so that your creature is less likely to die right away, and it’s not as difficult to acquire more life blocks that early in the game)
  • Optimized terrain textures to help improve performance
  • Upgraded to latest version of Unity engine for minor performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed issue where display of first person items would double in size
  • Fixed multiplayer issue where clients could not see a player’s Steam details
  • Fixed multiplayer issue where nuke was still being displayed for clients
  • Tuned pick up radius on various items (should now be easier to pick up non-block items)

If you have any feedback or bugs to report for this patch, please head over to the forums and let us know. The feedback we get from all of you is always a huge help and we really appreciate it!

No particular reason for this image. We just thought it was udderly amazing.

Next up, we’re working on some big optimizations to improve performance even more, as well as doing some design work to improve creature controls and relationships. And bug fixing, as always! In the meantime, we do have plans to release a small patch next week for Easter but… NO SPOILERS. ;p

See you then!

– Team CHKN