Happy patch day! We’ve been hammering away to improve performance and framerate, speed up loading times, and lower memory usage so the game runs more smoothly for everyone. Plus, that annoying FPS stutter/freeze every 30 seconds or so is fixed. *fist pump* (Thanks for your reports on this!) Try out your multiplayer adventures, fruit farming, and crazy creature hatching with better, stutter-free performance!

Here are the full patch notes with all the optimizations we’ve done…

Patch Notes

  • Completely overhauled the pooling system and related subsystems to greatly optimize game performance
    • Gameobject count has been reduced by 93%! This means better memory usage and 13x faster garbage collection performance (which was causing the main large stutter while moving through world).
    • Note: Really large buildings with lots of blocks may still cause some framerate stuttering. We’ll have a small patch coming out soon to fix this!
  • Optimized code that was allocating too much memory per frame, which would cause stutters even when not moving through world
  • Optimized world assembly routines to keep framerate more consistent
  • Removed an error log message from networking that was crippling framerate
  • Optimized art assets to increase graphics-related performance
  • Refactored asset pipeline to easily allow bringing in future content
  • Many small bug fixes

Speed loading game objects! Hooray for optimization!

If you have any bugs or feedback on this patch, please let us know!

What’s Next?

We’re working on a system to easily manage all your creatures. You’ll be able to do things like more easily control individual creatures in groups and multiplayer parties, keep track of creatures at a glance, and resurrect bonded creatures after they die. (It lives! Never go creature-less again!)

What do you want to see in this new creature management system? We have our own list but we’d love to hear your suggestions or requests! Please feel free to share them with us on the forums.

We estimate this new system will be ready to release in the latter part of June. We’ll keep you posted!

Community Spotlight

Check out a few of the awesome things created by the community recently! We love sharing these so keep ‘em coming.

SpyCakes and Beautiful O.B go on a hilarious dragon hunting adventure together in multiplayer! Spoilers: FIRE.

HollyHuntress heroically takes on the Arena Battle challenge in Workshop Worlds. Creature Building Skills: Level Up!

And if you ever need a giant octopus flytrap plant monster, check out OMEGA FLOWEY (FLOWER TYPE) by UNDERTAKER.

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Until next time.

– Team CHKN