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Hey, everyone! Creature Bonding is now up on Pre-Release and we could really use your help testing this new feature to work out all the kinks. We also wanted to tell you about some hotfixes we’ve made thanks to your bug reports and feedback. Read on for all the info!

Help Us Test Creature Bonding

Creature Bonding is the new system we’re adding based on your feedback that lets you store, resurrect, and manage your creatures much more easily. Before we release it next week, we really need your help finding bugs and letting us know what you think to make sure it’s ready!

Bonding. <3

The first version is currently up on Pre-Release. We’ll be updating it throughout the next week, including adding the structure optimizations and some big structure building improvements tonight and tomorrow. To help us out, switch over to that build (info & instructions) to give it a try, then report any bugs and share your feedback with us on the Pre-Release forum. Thank you!

We’ve also made Pre-Release saves separate so that you can test without worrying about corrupting your main saves! So if you switch to Pre-Release and don’t see your saves, fear not. They’ll still be there when you switch back to the main branch. (If you want to copy saves over to Pre-Release for testing, the FAQ has you covered!)


The feedback and bug reports you guys send our way really help us stay prioritized and provide a lot of great information so thank you! Here’s a list of all the hotfixes that have been added based on your reports over the past few weeks.

  • Fixed multiplayer desync issues (caused by creature building errors)
  • Fix to structures that were breaking some saved games
  • Altered highlight visuals on creature editing to be more obvious
  • Fixed colliders for world items (both physical and pick-up)
  • Life Blocks being previewed no longer collide/interact with the casting player
  • Shifted equipped item visuals to appear more in the player’s hand
  • Fixed creature bodies not bending
  • Many tweaks and fixes to Life Block visuals/colliders/connections
  • Fix to item scaling
  • Fix to dart gun projectiles damage
  • Fix to beetle armor right hand mounting point
  • Fix to breakable object positions for clients
  • Fix to network error on requesting health for tree blocks
  • Fix to error when despawning sacks
  • Fix to first-person items disappearing
  • Fix to item logic that caused errors such as removing a Life Block after placing
  • Fix to saddle riding in first-person mode

Creature Bonding Live Stream

Join us for our live stream tomorrow (Friday, June 9) at 1pm EST on Twitch or YouTube where we’ll be showing off Creature Bonding. Check out the new features, chat with us, or ask us any questions you have. (You guys always have awesome questions.) See you then!

(What time is that for me?)

Abilities Design Ideas

We’re also in design on creature abilities for a future release, so if you have ideas for things you’d like to see and have not shared them yet, head over to this post! We’d love to hear them.

That’s all for now.

– Team CHKN