Since our the last update, we wanted to get out another patch with some bug fixes and improvements to the Workshop. You can post any feedback and/or bug reports on the CHKN forums and we’ll take a look! Thank you!

Patch Notes


  • Workshop
    • Workshop creatures and worlds can now be updated! Save your creation again to update the existing Workshop item (rather than create a new, duplicate entry).
    • Creatures and worlds loaded from the Workshop can now only be saved by the original author of that creation
    • The Arena has been updated! All players in a multiplayer game can now participate in the challenge together. We’ve also fixed issues resulting from the structure changes that came along in patch v0.4.0.
    • All worlds created before v0.4.0 have been removed from the “Community Nominated” list. (If you have any favorite worlds that should be spotlighted, share them in the comments below!)
  • Creature legs will now always be level with the ground
  • Added compression to network serialization to improve multiplayer performance

Bug Fixes:

  • Autosave now saves all chunks properly
  • Fixed a crash bug involving navmesh generation when creating large structures
  • Fixed problems with root swapping on creatures
  • Fixed certain issues with the animation system’s tip and bend calculations
  • Many bug fixes involving LUA scriptable blocks
  • Fixed a bug that would move an item to the player from creatures
  • Fixed issue with creature building over the network that would cause a desync between clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed clients not being able to enter the edit orb in multiplayer
  • Fixed network packet fragmentation to allow for massive structures
  • Changed block removal to be more robust for clients
  • Animation system now checks for null blocks for networked cases when in transition of removing blocks
  • Fixed bug with bonded creatures which would cause them to freeze on death for clients in multiplayer games

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– Team CHKN