We’re in progress on development for the future of CHKN.  We want you to test and give us feedback on the pre-release build. Full notes on what’s new and how to install it are below!

Since it’s a work in progress, expect bugs, performance issues, unfinished gameplay, and other weirdness. You can report anything you find here on the forums. It really helps and we love hearing from you!

Download Pre-Release

To try out all the new features, you’ll need to switch to the Pre-Release (testing) version of CHKN. Just follow these steps:

  1. Right click on CHKN in your Steam Library and select “Properties”.
  2. Click on the “Betas” tab.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select “prerelease”.

That’s it! Steam will download the Pre-Release build and you can create a new game to start testing all the new content. (If you ever want to switch back to the stable release build, just select “NONE” from the dropdown at any time. Your saved games will still be there when you return!)

Testing Tip: Teleporting!

To help you move around more quickly while testing, you can also teleport. Hit [Enter] and type one of these /teleport commands into the chat bar. Then hold onto your shorts!

  • New zone starting area: /teleport 3477 83 3366
  • Old starting temple: /teleport -2593 69 439
  • Forest temple: /teleport -1356 107 -137
  • Desert temple: /teleport 82 129 402
  • Swamp temple: /teleport -48 155 -1085

Patch Notes

New Features

  • New Adventure Mode Starting Area: a whole new starting experience to explore!
    • Includes a new biome (Tropical Oasis/Beach) with improved art style for all new assets: vegetation, trees, terrain, textures, and items (food & resources)
    • New wild chicken, pig, dog, and cow creature variations (leave your favorites in the comments!)
    • First pass at updated tutorial mechanics and new prompts to teach new players in a clearer way
      • Tutorial messages will now pause the game and display important information the first time a player encounters an item or a game mechanic
    • Solve new puzzles, find hidden treasure chests, and defeat a brand new boss CHKN at the end of the zone
    • Completing the tutorial takes you to the old tutorial’s “starter temple” to continue your adventures in the larger world (which will be updated to the new art style in the future!)
  • Updated life blocks and textures
    • Revamped chicken: updated life blocks (eye, mouth, wing, leg, comb) + new body block variations and textures
      • Smaller blocks are lighter, larger ones are tougher… experiment with Life Block combinations!
    • Updated dog textures
    • More creatures will be revamped in the coming months as we continue to add more meaning and depth to creature building.
  • New creature ability: Glide
    • Chicken wings now unlock the Glide ability!
      • We’ll be adding more abilities/AI/animations unlocked by specific Life Blocks in the coming months. Suggestions welcome!
    • Ride a creature (using a saddle), then hold spacebar to jump and glide through the air.
    • Best to pick up momentum before hand by sprinting.
    • Consumes stamina per wing attached (if a creature is out of stamina mid-glide, it will fall to the ground)
    • Gliding fall rate is determined by the mass mass of creature vs the amount of attached wings.
      • Tip: Try making your your chicken lighter and/or faster to glide farther in a single jump.


  • Stamina bar added to the UI
    • Added for both the player (you!) and tamed/bonded creatures
    • Stamina will decrease when sprinting, running, rolling, performing melee strikes, and when using certain abilities. If winded, these actions will not be possible so keep an eye on it!
  • Life Shaper Relic progression updated
    • Creature bonding/revival and creature building are now unlocked with two separate relics for smoother progression ramping
  • Structure breaking updated
    • A structure item will now will break with one hit for first 30 seconds after placed for quick recovery when misplacing or just changing your mind. (Afterwards, hit points and minimal break damage values will be used as per usual.)

Bug Fixes

  • Attaching to a top of a block now faces forward by default
  • Game crashing bugs caused by poachers fixed
  • Frozen unresponsive poachers fixed
  • Rain volume not impacted by options fixed

This is a work in progress. Leave a post on the forums to let us know what you think so far!

Next Dev Stream: Community Workshop Creations!

Since it’s a holiday here in the U.S. this week, our next developer stream will be on Wednesday (Nov 22) @ 3:30 PM EST. Join us on Twitch or YouTube and show us your favorite creations!

See you then!

– Team CHKN