The all-new Arena Mode (CHKN Brawl) and Creature Collection feature are now on Pre-Release (instructions below). We need your feedback! Test creatures in a new ‘creature brawl’ and tell us your suggestions on the forums or over on our Discord server. We want to know what you think.

v0.6.0 Pre-Release Patch Notes

New Features

  • New mode: Arena!
    • It’s time for a good ol’ fashioned creature brawl. Pick two teams to enter the arena and battle it out in a best-of series format. The last team standing wins.
    • Choose creatures from your own creations or find contenders on Steam Workshop.
    • Spectate the battle or control creatures directly during the fight.
    • Check out our developer stream video where we test out the Arena.
    • Note: Multiplayer and more creature abilities coming soon!

  • Creature Collection Added
    • Browse, search, add, remove, duplicate, and subscribe to creatures all in one place.
    • Filter creatures by different stats or search using the text field.
    • Wild creatures you discover while exploring in Adventure Mode are also added to the Collection under “Discovered”. (NOTE: Currently, all wild creatures are revealed to all profiles while we upgrade Adventure Mode.)
    • Use the Collection to spawn creatures in Creative Mode or choose challengers in Arena Mode.

  • New Profile-Based Save System
    • Save your progress, game worlds, and creatures to separate player profiles.
      • Creative Mode games are now saved per profile.
      • Adventure Mode games/progress are now linked to a profile. (NOTE: Adventure Mode is currently not available on pre-release.)
    • Note: In future, the profile system will track discovered wild creatures per profile and let you bring your profile’s bonded creatures and items with you into multiplayer games.
  • Test drive of Procedurally Generated Terrain System
    • We are testing a new system to randomly generate terrains and more easily create new maps and areas for you to explore in various game modes.
    • Note: You’ll see new environments that are a work in progress.


  • Sidestepping animations have been added to chicken legs
  • Gameplay is now paused when loading so you won’t miss any action when playing single player
  • New foliage system added for improved graphics and better performance
  • Reduced fog. Go forth and SEE!
  • Settings are now saved per branch so you can have different settings on Live and Pre-Release.

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Back to work for us! Have a great weekend, everyone.

– Team CHKN