Be a master CHKN survivalist with the new Journal features! Plus new crafting stations, cleaner and clearer UI updates, and more. Patch notes are below and, as always, bugs are expected in these work-in-progress builds so we really appreciate the reports and feedback you send our way on the Pre-Release forum.

* If you’re not familiar with Pre-Release, it’s the unstable developer branch we use for testing new stuff. More info here.

Patch Notes

New Features/Improvements:

  • You’ll need the new updated Journal to survive and master the wild world of CHKN. It gathers all your collected discoveries and info for handy reference.
    • You can now observe almost anything in the world to log it in your Journal: creatures, trees, rocks, bushes, etc. Items you craft or find are also logged.
    • Updated Journal entries provide more in-depth information on everything you’ve logged. View Life Block stats and abilities, an item’s crafting components and station requirements, what kind of resources objects drop, etc.
    • The Journal UI now categorizes entries to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and better organizes the data at a glance
    • The creature category now hints at creatures you have yet to discover. Explore the world to find them all!
    • Observing can now be done without binoculars, if you dare to get close enough to your target. (If you want to observe things from a safe distance, you can still craft binoculars at the Tool Station.)

Get all the info you need on a creature you’ve found in the world, or check out any other item you’ve discovered using the categories on the left.

  • Adventure Mode has new gameplay updates for a more fun and rewarding survival experience.
    • New crafting stations added for clearer crafting progression
      • Use the new stations to build specific types of items you’ll need to survive, like tools and structures
      • Crafting recipes and station requirements have been updated for progression and balance
      • Treadmills are now pre-attached when you build a crafting station
    • Creature parts have more uses in crafting. Will you add a scavenged chicken leg to your creature, or turn that leg into a Chicken Rake? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Handy Chicken Rake info in the Journal. (Handy. Get it?)

    • Abilities are now “looted” when you defeat a creature with that ability for the first time. Defeat wild creatures to learn their secrets!
    • Raw meats can now drop when a creature is defeated. Mmmm, meat.
    • Creature Building tier limits have returned to Adventure Mode (Upgrading the Lifeshaper to unlock higher build tiers will return soon.)
    • The Lifeshaper is now an item in your inventory. You can cast it to build or edit a creature if you don’t have a Life Block handy.
  • The UI has been updated in several places to be easier to use and read, and to provide you more info about the world.
    • Tooltips have been added to all UI screens
    • UI palette has been adjusted: important parts are highlighted better and it just looks nicer yay
    • Additional creature attributes have been added to detail screens
    • The status effects UI now has labels to improve clarity
  • Creature Revival UI has been implemented on the Party screen
  • Arena cameras have been updated to pick more optimal angles
  • Creative mode now uses the same map/environment as Adventure
  • Additional missing item icons have been added
  • Some item sizes have been altered to be consistent with the new avatar
  • Fur shaders have been optimized for improved FPS

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where removed player profiles prevented playing Adventure or Creative modes
  • Steam functionality re-enabled
  • Ability fixes:
    • Fixed Strike canceling before playing
    • Fixed triggering Egg Missile ability when player controlled
    • Fixed Laser Eye ability damage
    • Teleport ability can no longer go through walls
    • Fixed Fire Breath observation error
  • Creepy blank eyes in the Arena crowd now have pupils. Bye, zombie crowd.
  • Creatures no longer start in the wrong position in the Arena
  • Tree health percentage UI fixed
  • Tree art adjusted to fix bad overlaps/gaps

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally the game will get stuck on syncing creatures during start up.
    • Removing player profiles should unblock this. We’re working on a fix!
  • Textures may be blurry due to new texture streaming tech implementation in progress.
    • In the meantime, you can force max quality textures by opening the console (press ‘) and entering: /streamingTextureForceLoadAll true
  • 3D renders for trees, rocks, bushes, and items in the Journal are not positioned correctly
  • Ability preview images are not yet implemented in the Journal (currently reuses same image for all abilities)
  • Creature Builder stats are often reporting wrong values
  • Discovery notifications say “press tab to view” but this is not yet implemented (press TAB and go to the Journal to see new entries)
  • The radial UI for Observing is glitchy
  • Adventure quests are not fully implemented; you’ll see some phantom quest text or broken progress updates
  • Unlocking more than 1 creature in your Party not yet implemented

Quick links for testers:

  • If you want to see what’s new on Pre-Release, here are the instructions
  • Please post your bugs and feedback on our forums
  • You can also join us on our CHKN discord to post bugs, feedback, or questions (or just hang out!)

Thanks a bunch for helping us test! We hope you like the Journal and Adventure changes. We’ll have another Pre-Release update for you next week.

– Team CHKN