Pre-Release has just been updated with lots of new things for you to test out! (Additional creature revamps, abilities, AI improvements, and more.) As always, we need your feedback! You can post all your thoughts and bugs on the Pre-Release feedback forum. Thank you!

* If you’re not familiar with Pre-Release, it’s the unstable developer branch we use for testing new stuff. More info here.

Patch Notes [Pre-Release v0.6.2]

  • New Abilities:
    • Dog Mouth = Lick Wounds (heal)
    • Dog block + dog mouth + dog eyes + dog ears (complete dog head) = Dog Barks (buffs and debuffs)
    • Crab Claw = Claw Punch
    • Mech dino legs + 50% mech dino blocks = Electric Shock
    • Cow body + cow legs + cow tail (cow butt!) = Cow Dung (fertilize your farm!)
    • Cow block + cow mouth + cow eyes + cow ears (complete cow head) = Graze (feeds on grass when it’s hungry)
  • New Creature Ability Previewer in progress: get more info on abilities, what they do, and what’s required to add them to your creature. You can see the previewer wherever abilities are listed in the game.

Electric Shock = 2 mech dino bodies + 2 mech dino limbs + your creature must be at least 50% mech dino parts overall! A tall order for a powerful ability.

  • Revamped creature updates in progress!
    • New blocks: Cow, Elephant, Pig
    • Spider updated (Note: If you’ve previously built with the new spider legs, you’ll need to update your builds to reconnect the legs.)
    • Dog textures/shaders updated
    • Fur material changes for improved furriness
    • Cat leg notes: front legs animations are a bit wonky at the moment; fix is in progress!

  • Environment Updates:
    • Geographical changes to the main Adventure Mode map (after the initial tutorial area) NOTE: This will cause saved Adventure games to get stuck loading! You’ll want to start a new Adventure by creating a new profile on the main menu.
    • Art pass on environment pieces of the Tropical Biome

A lovely day for pineapples.

  • AI Improvements:
    • Creatures now jostle for position. They’ll no longer try to not attack straight on when engaged.
    • All abilities are now triggered more intelligently
    • Fetch ball mechanic fixed
  • Game Launch Fixes:
    • Initial launch time reduced
    • Memory issues affecting launch have been resolved
  • Gameplay Updates:
    • Crafting balance changes
    • Adventure Mode quest changes
    • New tools added: New recipes for these items added to the crafting system, plus all new art based on creature parts!

Not sure this chicken should be excited about something called the Chicken Claw Rake.

  • Creature Builder Updates:
    • Undo/Redo added to Creature Builder (Use the UI buttons, or default hotkeys CTRL-Z & CTRL-Y)
    • Additional Creature Builder UX improvements
  • Tended plants now display a status effect so you can tell if they’ve been fertilized/watered
  • OSX/Linux builds have returned!
  • Various bug fixes across all systems (Thank you to everyone reporting bugs! It really helps us out.)


Thank You!

We want to send a big thanks to IndieCade, who invited us back as part of their E3 Showcase this year! We had a ton of fun meeting everyone and got some great feedback from people who stopped by to play CHKN. (The Arena on Pre-Release was a big hit!)

Please post on our forums with your feedback! Or come join us on our CHKN discord share your thoughts, finding people to play with, or just to hang out. We’ve even got a whole channel dedicated to sharing creature creations so don’t forget to save yours to the Workshop so we can admire them.

– Team CHKN