Community Focus: May Update Screenshots, Videos, and Fan Art!

Every week we feature the crazy things the community makes! This week, there are screenshots from the new update, new art and some new videos! Check it out!

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IT’S HERE! The May 25th Update is now live.

IT’S HERE! The May 25th Update is now live. First of all, thank you for your patience when we made some adjustments to this release. We would much rather take our time and make a great multiplayer experience, than deliver a rushed, buggy one.That being said, here is what's new in this update!

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[IMPORTANT] Change to the May 25th Update. Read below.

We have all been working hard towards bringing you an update full of new and exciting stuff, but also fixes and improvements to the existing multiplayer. After QA testing this weekend, we have decided to delay the multiplayer improvements and the general performance improvements part of the update. Here is why.

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New CHKN Trailer: New Update Coming May 25th!

We are doing a large update on May 25th and we asked the awesome people at Trailer Farm to make us a new trailer to show off the game you know and love, plus the new features! Check it out here:

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Get ready for caves, coming May 25th!

We are adding new points of interest on May 25th! Get ready for caves! Here is a sneak peak of our fire cave. There will be other themed caves as well, of varying levels. Maybe...you'll even find a dragon in one of them. 

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Dev Log: New Creature Reveal!! + More creature art.

Last week asked you all the guess what our newest creatures is going to be, giving you these three clues! Today we reveal what that creature is! (Drum roll please..........)

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Community Focus: Fan Art, Videos and Comments!

We had a banner week with the community! You guys are so creative, funny, weird and awesome! Check out some of the things that were created:

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GUESS THAT CREATURE! 3 Awesome Facts about our mystery creature.

We have a new creature in the works and this time, we wanted you to guess what it is! We want to do this from now on, and give you a few helpful hints and a silhouette to guess from. (Remember before every commercial break on Pokemon when you had to guess which one it was? Kind like that...but creepier.)

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Sometimes you just need a good nap. More than once. At random times. In the middle of battle. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER.

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Community Focus: Fan Art, Screenshots and Videos!

We want to start highlighting the community all in one place each week! Here are some great things you guys made. If you would like to show us what you made, tweet it at us @chkngame

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