Patch Notes for 0.1.04v: Achievements, Glow Sphere, and Faster Loading!

The achievements are here, woohoo! Some other highlights include, faster load time, a new loading screen, illuminated edit orb, and no more continued clicking! You asked and you shall receive. Here are the rest of the patch notes.

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Dev Log: PAX East Round Up!

Roman and Kate are back from PAX East! What an adventure. Here are some of the highlights!

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Dev Log: PAX East, Achievements, + The May Update!

First, Roman and Kate are off to PAX East tomorrow and monday we have an update coming, which includes achievements! You ask and we shall deliver. This is a first round of achievements and more will come later. 


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    Dev Log: New Creature + Troubleshooting Guide!

    We finished the sheep! He looks like an animal version of a dorky younger brother. We are also working on a llama and a goat to be released at the same time as the sheep. It's like a slow, slobbery and fluffy farm animal pack. 

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    Patch Notes 0.1.03

    We made a bunch of bugs fixes for the 1.0.03 patch. Read on to see what else we fixed. 

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    Patch Notes 0.1.02 Beta

    Now that CHKN has been released, we decided that at the very least we will be releasing builds every two weeks. However, we continually make small patches, which we will announce whenever it happens (like at 10:39 PM on a Monday). So, here are the notes for 0.1.02!

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    CHKN is now available on Steam!

    Exactly a year ago John and Roman had this crazy idea to make a game about building creatures that have intelligence. One year later, our game (and our team) has morphed from four people working on a tech demo to ten people releasing CHKN on Early Access. What a year it's been!

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    Release Candidate Patch Notes: 0.1.0 RC.

    We have a release candidate build on Steam. We are one day away and we would like your help working out any final kinks! We changed a lot, our egg is about to hatch into an actual game. *screams internally*. 

    Here are the patch notes for the release candidate build:

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    Dev Log + Patch Notes for Beta Build v0.0.95.

    We've slept off the jet lag and came out of our In-and-Out Burger induced comas and are ready for the final stretch. We release next Friday! Today we released a mini-build to the beta testers that fix a few major problems we saw a lot of players having. One is that when players died, they would lose all their loot! Now we added a loot bag to keep body parts and torches and doors in. How does that all fit, you ask? WELL STAHP. IT'S A SECRET.

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    Dev Log & Patch Notes for Beta Tester Version 0.0.9

    John has worked continuously on networking every aspect of the game, and today we have an early (key word, early) version of multiplayer to the closed beta testers. It's a first pass at it and it will be buggy, but this is huge step. We more than doubled the size of our map in only a few months, and one poor soul (John) is networking that whole map. Let's all send him good vibes! He's awesome!

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