Release Date Announcement!

We've chosen our release date. We are finishing up beta testing. It's almost time! In preparation we have taken down our early tech demo that has been free since we were Greenlit in October. We felt that it didn't accurately represent what CHKN has now become, so we will be making another demo to put back up for free at a later date.

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5 Things to Know About Creature Emotions.

In CHKN your creatures become tools as much as your generic hatchet or axe would. In fact, hatchets don't work as well in breaking down trees or rocks as much as a creatures mouth would. You are then encouraged to utilize your creatures with the whistle in order to help you survive and thrive.

March 9th, 2016|Categories: Miscellaneous|3 Comments

Dev Log: Dragons! + Game Developers Conference

Team CHKN will be heading to the 30th Game Developers Conference in California next week! This week Kevin finished the long awaited Dragon! How scared would you be if you saw this in the middle of the night?

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CHKN 0.0.85 Beta Tester Patch Notes

Today we released a new build with a few small fixes as well as a first iteration of a new tutorial! It's new and it's simple, but it will help guide you through the first few minutes of Adventure Mode. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to let us know in the steam forum or the CHKN forum!

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CHKN Tutorial: Resources + Starting a Homestead.

Watch this tutorial on the most efficient ways to start gathering resources, and how it will help you make the perfect homestead for you and your creature. 

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Dev Log: Sheep, Destruction and Onboarding.

Team CHKN is growing! We have three new people on our team now, all working on different projects. Let's see what everyone is up to.

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Horseman, the sympathetic body guard.

Yesterday Roman made Horseman, a super fast, one eyed, six beaked creature with dog legs for arms (making him look humanoid). Having six beaks made him really powerful, and his horse legs made him fast! Those chickens were no match for him. However, when Horseman annihilated his first victim, he fell to his knees in grief. I don't think Horseman knew his own strength!

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CHKN Tutorial: Defensive Emotions

If you played CHKN at least once, you know how creatures can get. They go from sad to scared to mad in a heart beat. But why? Sometimes you it's not too obvious. Not to mention, the AI controlling the creatures is complex and getting more complex each day we work on it.

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CHKN 0.0.8 Beta Tester Release Notes

Today we released build to the Beta Testers. Here are the patch notes. (If you aren't a beta tester, these are still great notes to read so you know what will be included in the Early Access launch.)

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Attack of the One-Footed Chickens: Herd Dynamics and Egg Hunting

One of the things we are trying to convey through CHKN is how similar some of the features are to real life; emotional responses, hunger and survival, bonding with your creature, your creature protecting you, etc....

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